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Implementing IFRS ininsurance market

Given that, starting with fiscal year 2015 for a period of three consecutive years, insurance and reinsurance companies are required to prepare, for information purposes, annual financial statements in accordance with IFRS, as the second set financial statements, we are proposing a seminar that aims

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Business Intelligence & Community Management

Business Intelligence & Community Management are two concepts used increasingly more commonly among those using the means of modern technology, particularly the online environment, in their professional activity. The proposed program comes to provide them with methods, techniques and practical t

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Settlement of claims in liabilities and goods insurance

During this training, there will be presented novelties in solving the claim files, opened following the occurrence of an insured risk, for property and liability policies with a focus on efficiency, an unified and standardized procedure. The novelties will be presented from both points of view: pra

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Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) & Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

The workshop aims to enable an understanding of the ERM and the ways to implement it, leading its participants to understand: • What is the ERM • What are the major ERM components • How can we implement ERM in insurance companies The workshop will have 10 hours with a strong pract

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Legal and practical elements of the private pension system

The transition to a private pension system based on the principal of undefined benefits within the pension system in Romania raises two major problems.The first is the transition from the old system of organization of the public pension system in Romania, characterized by the principle of solidarity

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Management of activities against fraud in insurance

The course objective is the acquisition and use of skills about the causes and conditions that favor committing fraud in the insurance market, the most common ways to commit fraud and special investigation techniques from the perspective of insurers, control authorities or the judiciary authorities.

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Basic Valuation Indicators for Listed Companies

In this Program, the participants will get familiar with the ways to comput, to interpret and to use the main indicators in the valuation process of a listed company. We start with return and risk ratios that derive from the financial data of the listed companies and we arrive at the most common mul

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Valuation Methods for Stocks - Intermediate and Advanced Level

In this Program, the participants will learn the main valuation methods that are used in financial industry practice and apply them on stocks listed both on local and international markets. By improving their knowledge in this field, the experienced investors and persons that activate in the financ

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Electronic information management through processes using maturity models

The concepts presented in this course is based on internationally recognized standards and practices in the field with a high level of maturity and a good track record of implementations in multicultural environments and in business in Romania. Using patterns of maturity in management implementatio

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Managerial Internal Control System (MICS)

Managerial Internal Control System program, according to OSGG no. 400/2015 approving the Managerial Internal Control Code, amended and completed is designed for key persons within public institutions. Managerial internal control system according to OSGG no. 400/2015 includes 16 applicable standards

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Noua platformă pentru examinări online

Vă rugăm să accesați Platforma on-line aici și să urmați pașii menționați în Ghidul candidatului sau Ghidul angajatorului/furnizorului

Programe de pregatire profesională continuă pentru specialiști constatare daune

Specialiștii constatare daune își desfășoară activitatea profesională în domeniul asigurărilor, în conformitate cu prevederile legale în vigoare și cu respectarea cerințelor privind pregătirea profesională....Click aici pentru detalii >

Proiectul CertIDD – un nou proiect educational pentru piaţa de asigurări

Institutul de Studii Financiare anunță finalizarea celui de-al patrulea proiect educațional pentru piața de asigură...see all

Revista de Studii Financiare


Vă rugăm să accesați Platforma on-line aici și să urmați pașii menționați în Ghidul ...see all

Master de tehnici actuariale

The Insurance Distributor Manual has been published

The Institute of Financial Studies and specialists in the insurance market have developed and published the Insurance Di...see all

ISF - Accredited Training Partner of CISI

Actiune plantare - editia a doua

ISF organizeaza vineri 29 martie 2019  a doua editie a actiunii de ecologizare a padurilor, urmand astfel sa plante...see all



Bucureşti 25 martie  2019   Digitalizarea, automatizarea şi inovaţia în serviciile financiare, dar ...see all

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