Cyber-risk insurance — a big challenge facing contemporary economies

14 May 2019

Article published in the Review of Financial Studies, no.6/2019, by prof. Leonardo Badea PhD, President of ASF and lec.Călin Rangu, Director ASF Introduction nformation and digital communication technology is present daily in our lives, both personal and professional, in services, in commerce, in

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10 January 2019

In accordance with Risk estimation of JBA-the global leader in risk management of flood, over the next 20 years the risk of flooding could increase by 25%-30% in the United Kingdom due to climate change. As a result, the specialists of the company have created a model for simulation of such increase

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21 December 2018

Blockchain has the potential to transform business processes and business models. Blockchain holds a lot of potential for the insurance and financial services industries, analysts say, as it could help streamline processes, increase efficiency, reduce cost and help combat fraud. Blockchain operate

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Studiu privind comportamentul investitorilor pe piața de investiții

14 December 2018

ISF a realizat un studiu privind activitatea investițională atât a specialiștilor din piață, cât și a persoanelor fără experiență pe piața de capital. Studiul a avut la bază completarea unui chestionar format din 11 întrebări cu scopul de a reliefa comportamentul inves

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Challenges Ahead Extended Bull Market Has Led To Investor Complacency

31 August 2018

Challenges Ahead Extended Bull Market Has Led To Investor Complacency After a banner year in the markets, volatility is now creating a tumultuous environment in which investors can make costly mistakes. Financial professionals are exposed to numerous risks to their investment performance in 2018, f

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The danger increases

9 May 2018

The danger increases Liz Booth examines two recent incidents that have raised the stakes on cybersecurity. It seems we see warnings about cyber risks almost daily but, in recent times, a couple of these warnings have stood out. First, it was the news that hackers have infiltrated computer chips a

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The retirement challenges

25 April 2018

The retirement challenges The retirement market is one of the most important and promising markets for life insurance and annuity companies. At the heart of this business opportunity is the question of retirement security. What products and services can insurers offer to help their customers achive

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19 February 2018

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Fraud Abroad – The Spain case file

15 December 2017

Insurers are becoming used to claims after earthquakes, searing heat, forest fires and even, sadly, terror attacks. But now there is a new claim that travel insurers, as well as liability cover providers, are increasingly seeing cross their desks – sickness. In the last period, the claims far

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2017 Insurance Banana Skins Report

21 June 2017

The 2017 Insurance Banana Skins report reached its tenth edition providing a detailed picture of the concerns that the insurance industry faces about new trends in its own business. The report was conducted by the Center for the Study of Financial Innovation, an independent think tank entity, in as

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