Online course: Working With Upset Customers

LOMA 29 Iulie 2019

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For service providers, upset customers provide some of the greatest challenges of the job, but turning an upset customer into a satisfied customer has proven to greatly enhance a company's chances of keeping that customer for the long term.

Working with Upset Customers demonstrates how to handle one of the most challenging aspects of the job, namely, dealing effectively with upset customers in ways that diffuse the situation, satisfy the customer, sustain customer loyalty and retain the customer’s business. The course focuses on four steps to dealing with an upset customer, and four ways to manage the conflicts that are inherent to interacting with upset customers.

While this LOMA course serves the domain of customer service and contact center personnel, all employees serve some type of “customer” and would be well-served by taking this scenario-laden course with real-life examples.

Language: English

The course is online and can be accessed both from computer and mobile devices.

Participants in this module will be allocated 1 credit point for continuing professional training for all professional insurance categories.

The course can only be completed once in the continuous professional training program.


Grup țintă

Employees of companies from the insurance and financial services industry.

Obiectivele cursului

  • Understand why customers become upset
  • Apply a four-step process for working with upset customers
  • Manage conflict by recognizing the various ways that people handle conflict
  • Discuss ways to deal with difficult or abusive customers


1 hour

The displayed period is indicative, being online the course is available at any time.

The course can be completed within 6 months of enrollment.


The necessary investement for this course is of 60 USD+VAT/participant.

The participation fee may be subject to changes based on LOMA policy.

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